Fac simile lettera per personale di sicurezza aeroporti e compagnie aeree da compilare su carta intestata a cura del medico del Centro Emofilia di riferimento

To Whom It May Concern,

The bearer of this letter, _____________________ (patient’s name), has a bleeding condition called haemophilia, caused by a deficiency of blood-clotting factors, which may result in both spontaneous bleeding episodes and prolonged bleeding following injury.

In the event of a bleeding episode, whether internal or external, ___________(patient’s name)  relies on prompt infusion of replacement coagulation factor concentrate to control the bleeding. S/he must, therefore, carry sufficient units for self-infusion. S/he also carries syringes, needles, and other supplies necessary for infusion.

Confiscation or withholding of either medication or equipment may place the bearer’s life in jeopardy. For example, this would be similar to withholding insulin from a person with diabetes.

The joints, particularly those of the leg, are among the most common sites for spontaneous internal bleeding. The risk of spontaneous internal bleeding episodes may be increased by prolonged immobility or cramped seating.

I would request your cooperation in ensuring that s/he can keep both the medication and the administration kit with him/her at all times and, if possible, allocating him/her seating with extra legroom.

Yours faithfully


(Doctor’s signature, name, position)

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